Managing serious defaulters programme

If you have been investigated under the Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF) and Code of Practice 9 (CoP9) then you may be included under the Managing Serious Defaulters programme.

HMRC can monitor any individual or business they consider to be a serious defaulter. A serious defaulter is defined by HMRC as a taxpayer who is:

  • charged a penalty because of their deliberate behaviour under specific taxes legislation;
  • identified during a civil investigation of fraud, as presenting a continuing high risk;
  • charged a civil evasion penalty for dishonesty;
  • who’ve paid a security for VAT, Environmental Taxes, PAYE or National Insurance contributions;
  • who tried to get out of paying what they owe by becoming insolvent;
  • successfully prosecuted.

Who will be monitored?

Any individual(s) or company/business.

How long will a taxpayer be monitored for?

HMRC will continue to monitor a taxpayer until they are satisfied that a taxpayer is meeting their tax obligations and they have changed their previous non-compliant behaviour.  In all cases this will depend upon the facts but in most cases this will be between 2 and 5 years.

As part of the work I do for my clients where the Managing Serious Defaulters programme may feature, I have been successful in persuading HMRC to keep any such monitoring to an absolute minimum, if it is at all necessary.

Help is at hand

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