What questions will HMRC ask your client?

How a taxpayer answers HMRC questions, can have a huge impact on the outcome of an investigation. HMRC will ask a number of probing questions at a meeting. It’s imperative to know when NOT to answer a question and HOW to answer a question.

It’s no secret – it’s just none of your business!

So we have now had another chapter of the saga of secret bank accounts with the Pandora Papers.   Just like their forerunners, it makes interesting reading – but so what.  The “offshore world” exists because of demand – the demand for discretion and privacy.  It’s no secret, it’s just none of your business!

Is HMRC challenging you?

HMRC holds a wealth of information on all taxpayers.  Not surprisingly though, from time to time HMRC can come across information on a taxpayer that they did not expect.  You may think that you have disclosed everything but now HMRC is challenging you and want to investigate your tax affairs.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Failing to prepare

Some of you may recognise this as a quote from Benjamin Franklin. In my world it is a very true statement and I take time to explain its importance to others particularly in relation to failing to prepare for meetings with HMRC.

Who is in charge of your tax investigation or is it meandering out of control?

Who is in charge of your tax investigation

So many times I hear the answer back “HMRC is in charge of course!”  Perhaps the question is more “Who should be in charge of your tax investigation”.  Either way, the answer should be firstly the adviser is in charge and secondly the taxpayer.  Otherwise your tax investigation can meander out of control.