Where’s the Trust gone?

In what sometimes I can only see as a bid to try and outmanoeuvre HMRC, a Trust can be moved around the world.  Some might say that having travelled from Hong Kong in the East to Grand Cayman in the west that I have travelled a few miles on business.  But why do Trusts seemContinue reading “Where’s the Trust gone?”

HMRC to undertake increased compliance activity on disguised remuneration

Some employers and individuals can expect contact from HMRC regarding the Loan Charge.  Employers should have reported and paid the Loan Charge by now.  According to HMRC, there are “number of those have not yet done so”.  I am not at all surprised by this for a number of reasons.  Whether its called Disguised RemunerationContinue reading “HMRC to undertake increased compliance activity on disguised remuneration”

EBT refunds – the clock is ticking

Anyone who has used a tax avoidance scheme that falls under the heading of Disguised Remuneration between 6 April 1999 and 5 April 2016 may now be entitled to EBT refunds.  HMRC are refunding PAYE and NIC to companies who have settled on the basis of Voluntary Restitution.  This applies to most schemes such asContinue reading “EBT refunds – the clock is ticking”

Loan Charge – what is a loan?

HMRC continue to pursue taxpayers who have received loans back from either in lieu of earnings of typically a contractor or back from an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT).  The Loan Charge was effective from 30 September 2020 by which time HMRC were to be notified of all such loans and tax paid on them underContinue reading “Loan Charge – what is a loan?”