Specifically for advisers

As a trusted adviser, clients will undoubtedly ask for your advice and guidance should they ever face a serious challenge by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) outside of their normal day-to-day tax compliance.

Despite HMRC’s own approach, in my opinion there is no one-size fits all solution.  The major factor being that any outcome will always depend upon a consideration of all the relevant facts.  These may or may not be the answers now being sought by HMRC.

I may therefore be asking you (as their trusted adviser) more questions than those being asked by HMRC simply to ensure that we have identified all the relevant facts.

Your expertise

I will never knowingly seek to interfere with your role as an adviser.  Your client will always be your client.  We may share a client for a short time but I have a walk on, walk off role.

You may have valuable information and documentation that will assist in resolving matters.  Again, this will be gratefully received but will remain your property.

You may also have matters that you wish to contribute to that are already within or outside the scope of any HMRC challenge.  I will want to hear about any concerns that you have.