Negotiating with HMRC

Any form of negotiations can be stressful. Negotiating with HMRC should be approached in a business-like manner and wherever possible, breaking larger matters down into smaller component parts. Not every negotiation has to result in an “all or nothing” outcome.

What is the best way of approaching any negotiations?

Preparation is key. An old adage is “If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail”.

The outcome of any negotiation will be dependant upon the facts and the strength of any arguments put forward. Such arguments tend to fall in one of three categories:

  • The white category – wholly defensible
  • The grey category – the facts may not wholly support the position and may be open to interpretation
  • The black category -wholly indefensible

Needles to say, there is no point in negotiating or seeking to argue anything in the black category.

How do you establish all the relevant facts?

There is no one way to do this. However, what is often more relevant to any negotiations is to agree what may be all the relevant facts, why such facts may be relevant and are there any alternative facts that can be supplied.

Help is at hand

If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact me at or on 07979 313 010.

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