Dealing with HMRC

Information requests from HMRC

What are HMRC information requests and tips on how to deal with them.

HMRC penalties

Find out more about HMRC penalties, how they are calculated and how to reduce them.

Settlements with HMRC

Learn more about how to reach a Settlement with HMRC at the end of a tax investigation to conclude matters with HMRC.

Discovery assessments

HMRC raise discovery assessments where loss of income tax or capital gain tax is discovered. It is possible to appeal or postpone any tax demanded.

Accelerated Payment Notices

Accelerated Payment Notices (APN's) are used to combat mass tax avoidance and are issued for tax or National Insurance.

Managing serious defaulters programme

HMRC monitors individuals or businesses that are serious defaulters under the Contractual Disclosure Facility or Code of Practice 9.

Closure notices

Find out more about HMRC closure notices, what they mean and how you obtain a closure notice from HMRC

HMRC meetings

Find out how to handle a HMRC meeting request, whether you should attend, how to deal with it and how to seek help.