Paul Malin resolving any odd tax dispute or investigation

I can help resolve any tax dispute or investigation into your tax affairs.  I am here to help as UK tax can be daunting.  Tax can be complicated.

Having any sort of tax problem can be both stressful and distracting to any home or business life.  My role is to guide you through what may seem a minefield.  I will put matters into perspective whilst answering any questions you may have and allay your concerns.

To date I have helped many taxpayers resolve their UK tax problems.

I can help a taxpayer who is an individual, partner, company,  settlor or beneficiary of trusts. The taxes involved can be either direct taxes (such as income tax, corporation tax etc.) and/or indirect taxes (VAT, import duties etc.).

Often the tax problem is “odd”. Odd as in involving 1, 3 or perhaps 5 different taxpayers or tax years.  Odd as in peculiar, weird or how on earth … … …

Help is at hand

If you have an “odd” tax dispute or tax investigation and would like to discuss this matter further, please contact me at paul@pmc.tax or on 07979 313 010.

Whatever the tax problem is, let’s discuss it and see how I can help.

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